In addition to logging and grading, Roberts Timber Company also specializes in sand and gravel hauling.  Much like grading, our hauling operation arose out of necessity.  We purchased a tandem dump truck to keep on standby so that we could get gravel to our logging and grading operations during wet weather conditions.
Our log truck drivers would drive the dump truck when needed and over time, they were needed much more often. We began to haul not only to our job sites but to other loggers and operators as well. Our drivers then gained the experience and knowledge to spread the gravel in an efficient manner.  Spreading the gravel on the road where it is needed eliminates the need for equipment. This saves time and equipment expense.  The spreading also cuts back on wasted rock that is left over when the entire load is dumped in a pile and moved with equipment.  
Roberts Timber Company has become known for having the best rock spreaders in Georgia.  Our drivers take their responsibility seriously and strive to place the gravel so that nothing else has to be done to it.
To date Roberts Timber Company has seven tandem dump trucks.  We currently deliver over 100,000 tons per year.